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Domino Edinburgh Firm Mattress - AH Beard - Discounted Display Model

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Welcome to the premium range in A H Beard's Domino mattresses, designed to enhance a restful night's sleep for those with sensitive skin or people with medical/high performance needs requiring premium support and rest. The Edinburgh Firm Mattress with Climalux foam comfort support and comfort layer quilting has a 10-year guarantee, and is trusted by athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport to give them a winning edge. It's also HealthGuard certified for resistance to allergies and mites, and comes with a Sensitive Choice rating from the National Asthma Council. 

Domino Independent Edinburgh Range

Treat yourself to top-notch sleep tonight with the Domino Edinburgh mattress from A H Beard. Made from high-quality hypoallergenic mattress materials using innovative manufacturing techniques, this Australian-made mattress will give you premium sleeping comfort every night of the year. 

Domino Essentials Cardiff Mattress -- Support Features

At the heart of this high-quality mattress is its innovative multi-layer quilt and comfort support system that provides key areas of your body with cushioning that you can count on, night after night. It's one of the firmest thickness mattresses available at 32cm.

Domino Mattress Comforma Coil

Conforma 5-Zone Support System

The Domino Edinburgh uses the Conforma 5-Zone support system. This pocket spring mattress has five zones and each zone provides extra support to the shoulders, pelvis and legs for pressure relief where it matters, plus the comfort of having full support across the length and width of the mattress no matter your sleeping position. 

Conforma Coil Support System Domino Mattress

Domino Mattress Double Flex Edge Support

Performa Edge Support

The Domino Edinburgh provides a wider sleeping space with constant support - even to the edge of the mattress. You can maximise your sleep area with Performa Edge Support and create a stronger edge-to-edge experience that you can count on!

Domino Independent Collection Edinburgh Mattress -- Comfort Features

Domino Mattress Plus hfeel Comfort Layers

Wool and Silk Fibre Layers

The Domino Edinburgh uses a series of natural fibre multi-layers encased in the damask fabric on the mattress to provide you with a plush sleeping experience. Layers of wool and silk encase gel memory foam padding, using the strength and support of micro comfort spring coils, to create this premium sleeping experience. 

Comfort Foam Plush Mattress By Domino AH Beard

Generous Comfort Foams

The mattresses' quilted body features generous layers of Climalux quilt and foam for a soft and luxurious sleep, coveredby a comfort layer. This allows the body to be cushioned in all the right places for undisturbed rest and repair, and proper support for athletes and those with medical conditions needing premium mattress performance.

Domino Voyager Firm Mattress

Firm Feel

This Edinburgh mattress delivers a firm feel for a supported sleeping experience without losing comfort.

Pro-tip: The Domino Edinburgh Mattress caters for sleepers seeking a premium supported experience and comes in four mattress feels - Plush, Medium, Firm and Ultra Firm. 

Domino Independent Collection Edinburgh Mattress -- Quilted Pillow Top Features

Domino Mattress Comfort Layers


Climalux 3D Foam Quilt

The mattress finish in damask quilting allows for both the mattress's materials and each sleeper to enjoy quality airflow and undisturbed heat and cool control through the night, by promoting constant airflow around the materials cushioning each sleeper so you remain cool, dry and comfortable every night. 

Domino Mattress Line - Other Features

Trusted by athletes  The Domino Mattress Range is trusted by the Australian Institute of Sport in providing mattresses that deliver exceptional comfort and support for that winning edge.


Sensitive Choice Supporting Asthma Care Mattress

Sensitive, Hypo-allergenic Choice

A H Beard mattresses are certified by the National Asthma Council of Australia to be  made from quality foams, materials and covers that have been treated to eliminate dust mites and prevent the growth of mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria.

Domino AH Beard HealthGuard certified

HealthGuard™ Certified

The Domino Edinburgh mattress provides the ultimate protection for those suffering medical conditions or recuperation with HealthGuardTM – a treatment that inhibits the growth of dust mites, mould and bacteria to keep your skin protected and your airways clear from irritants.

Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

GECA Certified

A H Beard is certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label, meaning all materials used comply with the strictest environmental standards, making it a safer choice for your night's sleep and better for the environment.  

Australian made Luxury Mattress

Made in Australia

This mattress is 100% Australian-made and produced with the highest performance and quality checking standards.  You can't go wrong with the Domino Edinburgh range!

Treat Yourself to Top-Notch Sleep Tonight


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10 Years
Trusted by Athletes
Trusted by Athletes
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Pocket Springs (Minimise Partner Disturbance)
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