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MagniCool 3D Standard Pillow

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MagniCool 3D Standard

The Magnicool 3D Standard pillow boasts a classic pillow shape. With its innovative thermoregulating and breathable Magnicool 3D lining, it provides gentle support that remains pleasantly cool at all times.



 A: Cover - The Magnicool 3D lining, renowned for its refreshing, thermoregulating, and exceptionally breathable properties, excels in efficiently wicking away moisture, promoting the pillow's breathability. Moreover, it is conveniently detachable and machine-washable for easy maintenance.

 B: Hygienic drape - By enhancing the pillow's hygiene, it shields the inner layer from contaminants and impurities.

 C: Interior - The Memoform interior is engineered to respond to the pressure exerted by the neck, head, and shoulders, providing a delightful feeling of weightlessness during relaxation.  

 D: Manufacture - The breathable construction ensures optimal air circulation and superior moisture and heat dispersion, thanks to the perforations at the pillow's core.

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