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Create a statement with Wide Bed Heads

The Wide Bed Head is a stylish interior design trend that redefines modern bedroom luxury style. The wider width of the wide bed heads create a stunning, deluxe vibe to your room. Wide bed heads give off an elegant vibe to your bedroom interior.

Our wide bed heads are 100% Australian made and feature fine quality handcraftsmanship. Made from the finest locally-sourced timbers and upholstery, our wide head boards are not just stunning and luxurious, but also finely made by hand to ensure that your wide bed head investment can stand the test of time.

Made-to-measure, our wide bed heads are stylish and fully-customisable. Have the freedom to create your very own wide head board and customise each aspect of the wide bed head -- from its size down to the materials used. For wooden wide bed heads, choose from either Australian Pine or the more premium Tasmanian Oak. What's more, we have a huge range of eye-catching upholstery fabrics to choose from. Whether you're looking for linen wide bed heads, leather wide bed heads, velvet wide head boards or combination of timber and upholstered wide bed head, we have everything covered. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Create a statement and follow the wide bed head trend!