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Super King Bed Is Superb At BEDWORKS we pride ourselves on always having a wide range of quality products. We have a large variety of SUPER KING bed frames to choose from in both timber and upholstered styles, with or without storage options, for the ultimate in space and comfort.  The absolute top of the totem pole for style, comfort and space is the super king (204 cm x 204cm), which provides an unbeatable sleeping experience. Believe it or not, the super king is wider than any bed (minus the long single) is long! While the super king is certainly not the right fit for everyone, it makes the ultimate statement in your bedroom and is perfect for extremely large spaces in which any other bed size would be dwarfed. Super Size Your Bed Believe it or not, the king sized bed is not the largest option available. That honour goes to the super king. At a whopping 204 cm x 204cm, the super king is a cm wider than a queen bed is long! This ultimate in sleeping luxury may...