Queen Beds

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Keen for A Queen Bed At BEDWORKS we pride ourselves on always having a wide range of quality products. We have a large variety of QUEEN bed frames to choose from in both timber and upholstered styles, and with or without storage options.  The queen sized bed is, without a doubt, the most popular style in the world. In Sydney, queen beds are reported by retailers to be - by far - their biggest seller. This should come as no surprise. For the average single person craving a copious amount of space and a premium of comfort, it’s a perfect choice. For couples, its dimensions (153cm x 203cm) allow both people to have their own space, while not feeling cramped when cuddled together on a cool night. At the same time, the size is reasonable for most fair-sized rooms, allowing enough floor space to easily navigate the area and to add attractive furnishings and decorations. How does it feel? Well, moving from a double to a queen bed is a memorable experience, as anyone who has...