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We have beautiful bed frames for your bedroom that can help you make the bedroom goals come to life. Our stylish range of wooden or upholstered beds come in all sizes to suit your needs. All our bed frames come in all sizes so you get the bed frame design that you want at any size. We have stunning king size and queen size bed frames that’s sure to create a statement. Transform your ordinary bedroom into a luxury suit and browse for the best queen size bed in our online bed store. 

Don’t have enough space for a queen size bed? Why not choose a double or king single size bed frame? A double size bed is a great alternative to a queen size bed as it gives you extra width without eating up all the space of your bedroom.  A king single bed is great for taller people who need the extra length so their legs don’t hang out. The king single bed is just as long as the queen size bed but not as wide so you get the length that you need but still be able to save space. 

Make your room stylish and comfortable even if you don’t have enough space. Our single bed frames are just as stylish but is a great space saver for those who lives in a dormitory, studio apartment or condo or for those wanting to redecorate their spare rooms or guest rooms. What’s more, our single bed frames are strong and sturdy and are the perfect bed frame size for your kids who wants their first grown-up bed. 

At BEDWORKS, we have everything that you will need to decorate your dream bed room. Come visit our online bed store or our two Sydney showrooms and view our wide range of stunning bed frames in all sizes.