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Browse Bed Frames By Size As kids, we don’t think too much about beds and the differences between them. “Ours is small, and Mum and Dad’s is big” is about as far as that goes – that and pining after the cool race car or castle beds the lucky kids on the TV might have. Of course, we eventually get older and realise there’s a lot more to it. And one of the most important considerations when it comes to buying a bed for yourself or for your kids is, of course, bed size dimensions. It’s important that the size of the bed is correct – is it wide enough for the person that will be sleeping in it? Is it long enough? What about a bed for two? Are the sleepers the type that won't require more space than their body size, or are they chronic toss-and-turners that will need extra room? But it doesn’t stop there…where will the bed be going? Do you want to go a little larger than necessary to complement a large space? Or go a bit smaller in order to create more usable space? At BEDWORKS...