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King Single Beds

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Keep It Cool In King Single Beds At BEDWORKS we pride ourselves on always having a wide range of quality products We have a large variety of KING SINGLE bed frames to choose from in both timber and upholstered styles, with or without storage options.  If growing teenage boys and girls across Australia could thank one person in the bedding industry, it would likely be the genius who invented the king single bed. The single bed has long reigned as the ‘kid’s bed of choice’, and for good reason. Inexpensive and perfectly sized for a little one that has outgrown a cot, single beds fit easily in the smaller children’s rooms, are easily moveable, and due to their small surface area, are equally easy and inexpensive to customise to a youngster’s tastes (“Mum, I want my bed to have red stripes!”). However, a common problem presented itself as time went by. Every parent’s nightmare – puberty – eventually shows up. In addition to turning your little angel into a stranger that finds...