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Gas Lift Beds

Gas Lift Beds

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Gas Lift Bases

With living spaces getting smaller and smaller, maximising your area becomes top priority. That is why adding a storage bed to a room is a smart, space-saving idea. With all the storage beds available, the gas lift storage bed offers the most storage space as it utilises the entire space underneath your bed - a space that's usually under-utilised.

Gas lift beds are named after the gas-lift mechanism that allows the top part of the bed to be lifted with ease. Because of this strong mechanism, you are able to raise your mattress and utilise the vast space underneath your bed frame. What's more, gas lift beds uses a floor board, thus giving you a clean and secured storage space in your bedroom. Store shoes, clothes, toys, sports equipment and other important paraphernalia.

Gas lift beds comes in various shapes and sizes. At Bedworks, we bring to you both imported and 100% Australian made gas-lift beds that are super stylish and extra durable. Choose from a wide range of timber gas lift beds, upholstered gas lift beds and even leather gas lift beds. Each our our gas-lift storage beds are carefully made so th