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Single Beds

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Space-Saving Single Beds At BEDWORKS we pride ourselves on always having a wide range of quality products. We have a large variety of stylish SINGLE bed frames to choose from in both timber and upholstered styles, and with or without storage options. Let’s start with the smallest. Single bed size dimensions (92cm x 188cm) are perfect for children that have graduated from their cot. Even if the child is a bit small for the bed, a well made, sturdy single is a good investment that they can grow into. In Australia, there are additional styles of single beds. The ‘long single’ (92cm x 204cm) is great for particularly lanky or quick-growing youngsters who still don’t need much width. The ‘king single’ bed dimensions (107cm x 203cm), meanwhile, make it a good choice for young adults who have a limited amount of space to put a bed. Whether you are browsing single beds for toddlers or are looking for king single bed size dimensions, the main thing to remember is they are called...