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Double Beds

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Dip Into a Double Bed At BEDWORKS we pride ourselves on always having a wide range of quality products. We have a large variety of DOUBLE bed frames to choose from in both timber and upholstered styles, and with or without storage options.  Double bed dimensions (138cm x 188cm) make them most suitable for a couple of situations. A double is great for smaller rooms, guests or growing children. If there are youngsters that prefer to share a bed, this is a good choice. There is ample room width-wise for two smaller individuals, and the bed is not so long as to take up the majority of the length of a children's or guest room, which can tend to be smaller. Secondly, a double bed can be a very comfortable option for shorter adults, while taller individuals may find it a bit on the small side. Double beds, for the most part, will be rather cramped for two full-grown adults. The ‘double’ here seems to refer to kids! Use our  BEDMAKER Design Your Own Bed tool online to customise...